Virtual Vehicle

6th Graz Symposium Virtuelles Fahrzeug (14. - 15.05.2013, Graz (AT))



Interdisciplinary Development of Road and Rail Vehicles
Processes, Methods, Tools, Best Practices


Modern road and rail vehicles are complex products. Their development requires more and more, a perfect interaction of the participating disciplines to be fast, efficient and reliable. How do processes, methods or tools help to enable an interdisciplinary perspective of the entire system?

The "Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle (GSVF)" concentrates on relevant aspects and topics of virtual vehicle development. Focus is laid on a holistic system view rather than on single discipline perspective:

  • Virtual interdisciplinary functional validation
  • Phase suitable application of development methods
  • Information management within vehicle development
  • New business models for vehicle manufacturers and their influence on vehicle development
  • Best Practice in application

Therefore, international experts from industry and science will be invited to Graz. As in the last years, a well balanced combination of lectures and discussion groups as well as possibility for open exchange will be provided.




"Roadmap Systemsimulation – Zukünftige Aspekte der Simulation in der Automobilentwicklung" Josef Zehetner, Peter Reichenpfader, Nadja Marko, Daniel Watzenig


"Auf dem Weg zum Modell-basierten Portfolio-Management"

Andrea Denger, Johannes Fritz


"Effiziente Informationsbeschaffung in der virtuellen Fahrzeugentwicklung"

Bernd Fachbach, Michael Holzner, Mario Zechner, Markus Zoier


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