Virtual Vehicle


K2 Digital Mobility confirmed 06.06.2017

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is proud to announce that its project proposal "K2 Digital Mobility -...


Secure Connected Trustable Things: Kick-off of the EU Project SCOTT 22.05.2017

SCOTT, a pan-European, €40-million research project led by VIRTUAL VEHICLE with 57 key partners...


The license to test 19.05.2017

As one of the first companies in Austria, the Graz Research Center VIRTUAL VEHICLE received the...


ALP.Lab - VIRTUAL VEHICLE an Europas vielfältigster Testumgebung beteiligt 05.05.2017

ALP.Lab bietet Kunden Teststrecken, Straßentests auf Autobahnen und in Städten sowohl in der...


Smart Wireless Solutions: EU Project "DEWI" provides Innovations for a Wireless Future 28.04.2017

For three years, 58 European industry and research partners from 11 countries conducted research...



VIRTUAL VEHICLE is an internationally operating research center that develops technologies for affordable, safe and environmentally friendly vehicles for road and rail.

With over 200 employees, we collaborate with more than 100 domestic and international partners from science and industry. The key aspects of our expertise include connecting numeric simulation and experimental verification, as well as developing a comprehensive, full-vehicle system simulation. The COMET K2 program will provide the basis for funded research activities until at least the end of 2017. An extensive involvement in EU projects and a broad portfolio of commissioned research and services round out our activities.

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The small electric vehicle for urban spaces



COMET K2 Areas


10. Graz Symposium VIRTUAL VEHICLE

27. – 28.06.2017 – This year, the Graz Symposium VIRTUAL VEHICLE celebrates its 10th anniversary, addressing major needs and challenges of today’s...

Mensch und Computer 2017

10. – 13.09.2017 - Die Ausbreitung der Informationstechnik in alle Lebensbereiche macht praktisch alle Menschen auf unterschiedliche Weise zu...

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